Send Love. Be Love


Share warm love with NU'EST

Date Mar. 15. 2020 (Sun) 14:00

Location SPIGEN HALL (446, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Winners List The event will be limited to 100 participants

Lucky Draw contest period Feb. 12. 2020 (Wed) 10:30
through Mar. 8. 2020 (Sun) 23:59

The Lucky Draw winners list will be posted on Mar. 9. 2020(Mon) after 18:00 on the Autograph Event website and the Spoonz official blog

Lucky Draw tickets may be sold out before the end of the Lucky Draw contest period.


01.Purchase SPOONZ goods
(Depending on the goods purchased, additional Lucky Draw tickets may be given to purchasers)

Where to buy




Purchase Period

Feb. 12, 2020 (Wed)
~ Mar. 8 (Sun)

Feb. 12, 2020 (Wed)
~ Mar. 3 (Tue)

Feb. 12, 2020 (Wed)
~ Feb. 27 (Thu)

Lucky Draw ticket allocation rules

Single Ticket

1 ticket for each
purchase over 30,000 won

1 ticket for each
purchase over $30

Multiple Ticket

2 tickets for each purchase of a Sealing Wax Kit

4 tickets for each purchase of a Twin Ring Set

02.Receive Lucky Draw tickets after each product purchase.
(Online customers will receive their Lucky Draw tickets enclosed with their purchased items)

03.Scratch the Lucky Draw tickets and
check the ticket numbers.

04.Visit the Lucky Draw contest website and
enter the ticket numbers and your personal information.

05.After confirming information input,
click the “Submit" button.


Please provide the requested information

Lucky Draw
ticket number

Valid Coupon No.Used coupon No.Invalid coupon No.

Date of Birth
phone number
E-mail address

Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

Additional Lucky Draw and Autograph Event Rules and Information

1. The Autograph Event is an exclusive event for Lucky Draw winners only.

2. Artists will only sign designated autograph sheets.

3. Lucky Draw winners must bring valid identification along with the following items : Lucky Draw Ticket, name, date of birth and photo.

- Valid identification includes any of the following : Identity card, driver's license, passport, youth certification, student ID.

- Other forms of identification will not be accepted.

- If a Lucky Draw winner’s information submitted for the Lucky Draw contest, and the Lucky Draw winner’s identification presented on the day of the Autograph event do not match, the Lucky Draw winner will not be permitted to enter the Autograph event.

- Foreigners MUST use their passport for identification.

4. There is no limit to the number of times individuals can enter the Lucky Draw contest, but only Lucky Draw winners will be allowed to enter the Autograph Event.

- Each Lucky Draw contest entrant is only allowed to win the Lucky Draw contest once.

- Lucky Draw winners cannot transfer nor sell their winner’s rights to others.

- Lucky Draw tickets may not be copied nor reproduced in any form.

- Lucky Draw contest entrants and Lucky Draw winners who violate the Lucky Draw contest rules will be prohibited from entering the Autograph event.

5. Information submitted for the Lucky Draw contest cannot be modified after it has been submitted.

6. Please note that neither letters nor gifts will be accepted by the artists during the Autograph Event.

7. Neither exchange nor refund of goods purchased in order to receive Lucky Draw tickets will be permitted.

8. The details of the Lucky Draw contest, Autograph Event and related policies are subject to change.

9. Lucky Draw contest entrants and winners are solely responsible for understanding the contest rules and contest-related notifications.

10. For all inquiries, please contact:

- SPOONZ FLAGSHIP STORE : 070-4254-2411